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Invest with Purpose


What We Believe

At IMPACTfolio, we believe that sustainability is not optional. It’s not a niche investment strategy that we offer clients if they are “into that kind of thing.” It is core to our investment philosophy and what we believe is the only way to properly manage money for the best long-term results.

What We Do

We start with what we call the 3 P’s: PLANET, PEOPLE, and PROFIT



Planet means taking into account environmental concerns like carbon gas emissions, pollution, and water scarcity. It also involves seeking out companies that are utilizing renewable energy and innovating to create better ways of caring for the environment.



People pertains to how a company is affecting its customers, employees, and those in the local community. It means considering the social impact in terms of factors such as human rights, working conditions, equal employment opportunities, and child labor.



Profit involves the evaluation of a company’s corporate governance. This includes things like executive compensation, corporate accounting practices, board independence, and shareholder rights. The link to profit here is the understanding that a company’s culture, leadership, and governance are leading indicators of how a company will perform over the long term.

By combining the “3 P’s” we offer a portfolio construction process that helps to screen out bad investments, proactively identify great opportunities, and allow you to invest with purpose. It’s a formula to maximize IMPACT.


How We Do It


1) Create a comprehensive financial plan

Comprehensive financial planning gives us the context to provide you with the best investment advice. By creating an individualized, goal-based plan, we can then determine which portfolio allocation, tax strategies, and risk level are most appropriate for you.


2) Create your IMPACT portfolio

We manage two different types of portfolios: core and explore. The core portfolios have three different models which vary based on risk level: Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative. The explore portfolios are tactical and seek to capitalize on market conditions and valuations.  They leverage tools to respond to changing markets and look for indicators of relative strengt