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A Socially Responsible Investment Approach

We manage two different types of portfolios: CORE and EXPLORE


There are three of these models – conservative, moderate, and aggressive. They are strategic allocations which means we manage to a specific allocation target and rebalance periodically to ensure that the allocation remains on track.

CORE portfolio socially responsible investing approach

explore portfolio socially responsible investment approach


There are two of these models – one comprised of individual stocks and the other comprised of ETFs. These are tactically managed; we use tools to respond to changing market conditions. We look for signs of relative strength as a way of identifying good buying opportunities and, conversely, we aim to sell when we determine signs of relative weakness. See our chart for a visual illustration of this strategy.

Sustainable Development Goals

In all of our portfolios, we invest with purpose by covering a wide spectrum of issues. We use the 17 Sustainability Goals established by the United Nations as a framework for our IMPACT investing approach. Our goal is not to focus on only one or two themes, but to seek out sustainable investing across the board in order to maximize the triple bottom line returns (planet, people, and profit).  

United Nations sustainable development goals