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How are We Contributing to Our Local Community? Thumbnail

How are We Contributing to Our Local Community?

The partners at IMPACTfolio® founded our firm to be a financial force of good.  We are accomplishing this goal through the way we invest, our flat-fee structure and the charities we support on behalf of our clients each year.  I also want to be a force of good in my local community.

I stumbled upon a unique charity about four years ago that has helped many incredible micro charities in our local community.  This unique charity is called Guys Who Give.  Guys Who Give is a group of men with a desire to inspire and who are committed to making a difference in their local communities. The mission is to reach out and help local charities with the funds they need to do the amazing work they are doing in their community.  I was hooked after attending my first meeting and look forward to our quarterly meetings.

The concept is simple yet powerful.  We meet once per quarter at a local brewery.  Members of the group will research local charities and then nominate them to be our recipient for that given quarter.  Many of these charities are micro charities that help those in need in our local community.  After a short pitch, the members vote for which charity will be the award winner for the quarter.  We all then pitch in our own money and set up a surprise meeting with the charity.  It is rewarding and fun to surprise these micro charities with our donations.  There are so many charities we have learned about and been inspired by through this process.  

The charities we have supported over the last year are:

This incredible charity isn’t just for men, there is also a Gals Who Give chapter near you!

The Guys Who Give chapters meet on the second Wednesday of the second month each quarter and the Gals Who Give meet on the second Tuesday of the second month each quarter.  Please check out the web site to find the chapter nearest you.  If you are unable to attend but would like to pitch in financially, please email me directly at scott@impactfolio.co and I will let you know the winning charity each quarter and how you can make a donation.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Scott Arnold, CFP®  is a co-founder of IMPACTfolio® , a wealth management firm that specializes in IMPACT investing and holistic financial planning for one flat-fee.