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Impact Investing and Financial Planning Blog

Denver, Colorado

Panoramix Interview with Rebecca Kennedy and Scott Arnold Thumbnail

Panoramix Interview with Rebecca Kennedy and Scott Arnold

Rebecca Kennedy and Scott Arnold, partners at IMPACTfolio, were recently interviewed by Panoramix. Panoramix provides performance reporting and billing software. Panoramix chose to highlight IMPACTfolio as a leader in their industry because of their unique offering that provides holistic financial planning and impact investing for one flat annual retainer fee.

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2020 Impact Report Thumbnail

2020 Impact Report

We are so thankful that 2020 brought our firm incredible growth and amazing new clients. We are appreciative of our partnership and the impact our investments are making on the world. We invite you to take a look at our 9-page Impact Report to learn more about how our investments compare to the benchmark on an overall ESG quality score, carbon footprint, clean tech, sustainable water, women on boards, and diverse workforce policy.

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IMPACTfolio is Carbon Neutral! Thumbnail

IMPACTfolio is Carbon Neutral!

On December 2, 2020, the team at IMPACTfolio purchased 9,000 pounds of carbon offsets through Aclymate to make our firm officially carbon neutral for the 2020 calendar year. Aclymate is a tool that calculates your firm's climate footprint by reviewing expenditures on travel, office space, utilities, etc. Upon review, our firm was found to have a very small carbon footprint given our efficiencies in leveraging technology. However, the carbon offset that we purchased helped to fully offset our small footprint.

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How Do Presidential Elections Impact the Stock Markets? Thumbnail

How Do Presidential Elections Impact the Stock Markets?

Whether you are following the 2020 Election on CNN or Fox News, the media coverage feels like a game show and the counts seem to drag on and on. The team at IMPACTfolio is watching the stock markets closely in preparation to answer any client questions about their portfolio. Recently we shared a webinar discussing how presidential elections affect the stock markets and wanted to provide additional insight.

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