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Julie McDaniel's Interview on 9News Thumbnail

Julie McDaniel's Interview on 9News

Watch Julie's interview on 9News

On November 1st, IMPACTfolio partner Julie Fletcher McDaniel was interviewed by anchor Corey Rose on 9News about financially preparing for a maternity/paternity leave. Julie shares about the Colorado's Paid Family and Medical Insurance Program that was passed via Proposition 118 and begins in 2024. This program would fund up to 12 weeks of paid leave for Colorado employees if the program guidelines were met. Before this goes in to place, Julie advises expecting mothers to review their short-term group disability insurance policies to see if they she would be covered for a maternity leave. Also, she suggests contacting the health insurance company to inquire about labor and delivery costs. Often a mother and baby would be billed separately and may meet the out-of-pocket family max. If you are facing a high bill under a high deductible plan, she suggests funding an H.S.A. for the tax advantages.

Julie McDaniel, CFP® is a co-founder of IMPACTfolio® , a wealth management firm that specializes in IMPACT investing and holistic financial planning for one flat-fee.