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Sustainable Responsible IMPACT Investing Resources

The Bullish Case for Stocks Thumbnail

The Bullish Case for Stocks

A highlight of the bullish case for stocks going forward and why the current sell-off may be close to finding a bottom. We may not see another buying opportunity like this one for years.

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An Interview with Scott Arnold Thumbnail

An Interview with Scott Arnold

Tune in for this hour-long podcast to hear all about how Scott Arnold originially launched IMPACTfolio in 2017! This interview discusses how the ESG investment model impacts our business and why he decided to go from a solopreneur to a partnership structure. He also shares how IMPACTfolio's flat-fee offering has benefited both our firm and our clients.

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Dark Waters – The Scandal That Drives My Passion Thumbnail

Dark Waters – The Scandal That Drives My Passion

It was the first time in probably 20 years that I watched a movie by myself. With the craziness of the holidays it was hard to line up a babysitter, so my wife stayed at home with the boys. I was nervous and scared as I entered the Regal South Glenn movie theatre near our house. My fear did not stem from the incredible movie I was about to watch, Dark Waters, or flying solo at the theatre. My fear was that I knew I was about to watch a movie showing one of the world’s largest corporations knowingly poisoning my family and community for decades.

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Have You Created Income Flexibility for Your Family? Thumbnail

Have You Created Income Flexibility for Your Family?

A common scenario that we see with our clients looks like this: they are mid-career or late-career and have climbed the ladder to a high income. They are compensated well for their skill set and experience, and feel like they have “reached the top”. However, the pace is exhausting. Often they are expected to work unsustainable hours or travel frequently. They may see themselves working at this level for another 5-10 years, or they need to take a step down to a lower income level in order to create a healthy work/life balance. They come to us with the question: can I afford to earn a lower salary?

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Are You Finding Balance with your Money? Thumbnail

Are You Finding Balance with your Money?

From my viewpoint as a financial advisor, the Holy Grail of personal finance is finding balance between enjoying today while preparing for tomorrow. While enjoying today doesn’t necessarily require spending money, let’s be honest that it usually does, and often a substantial amount – whether in larger, lump sums or smaller, frequent expenditures. It’s not even just about “fun spending” for hobbies and travel. In the modern era of busy, nonstop lives, we gladly pay for convenience, and sometimes relaxation and rejuvenation, just to keep going on the hamster wheel.

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